Trekking in finale ligure


Walking in Finale is the oldest outdoor activity. In fact the human presence in the Finale area is 75000 years old and numerous findings of  human settlements in the small valleys and plateaus which have plenty of caves in which the humans duelled. It seems strange  in such a difficult territory, but it was the rock formations used as a shelter and for defense which enables us to read the history of man in these valleys and you can feel it everywhere.

The trekker has in Finale a wonderful and varied ground that will answer everyone’s  expectations, from the cool trekker who enjoys a trip with the family, up to the path grinders, and the runner training for the next marathon, everyone will find a perfect and ideal itinerary in every season, as the climate of the riviera lets you trek in winter amongst the fragrances of the mediterranean woods and in summer under the shade of the beech trees.