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No personal data concerning users are acquired by the website. We do not use cookies to transmit information of a personal nature, or systems for tracing users. The cookies used by RESADE.IT. are expressed in the section which describes their function and purpose.
The cookies used by RESADE.IT, are temporary: when the user logs in and enters user name and password, cookies make it possible for its recognition, allowing access to the Service in accordance with the custom profile created by you.
The use of session cookies is strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to enable the exploration and efficiency of the site allowing it to make a purchase. Cookies are cancellanop then automatically by the system.
The session cookies used in this site avoid the use of other technologies that could compromise the privacy of users' browsing and do not allow acquisition of personal data identifying the user.
Some cookies allow the Owner to operate on the data conversion, traceability and management operations of the sessions of the shopping cart site.
The Holder also uses cookies for statistical purposes of use of services, completely anonymous.
The third-party cookies in RESADE.IT are solely those of Google Analytics that operates in a completely anonymous.
What can the end user do about cookies:
It's possible at any time by the user choose to disable the receipt of cookies by setting your browser so that you are disabled.
If the user decides not to accept cookies you can still visit the site, but it may not be possible for him to use, for purely technical reasons, all or part of the services offered therein.
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