Free Climbing in finale ligure


The rock of Finale extends widely (10 KMsq) in the countryside of Finale Ligure. The rock formations give way to formation of plateaus on which its sides we find the walls, they are from east to west :

  1. Verezzi plateau with the Orera rock and the Caprazoppa
  2. Perti plateau with the Perti rock and the small wall of Finalborgo
  3. Rocca Carpanea and Monte Sordo plateau, the forgotten wall, the case valle plaque, Bric Scimarco, Bric Grigio, the Kattedrale, the Sakrestia, the Konvento, the Bric del Frate, and Pian Marino.
  4. S. Bernardino plateau were you can find Bric planarella, Bric Spaventaggi, Monte Cucco, Pian Cornei, Bric reseghe, Lacremà, the Vacchè, and slitly further on Val di Nava and Boragni.
  5. Rocca di Corno plateau with the Rocca di Corno and the Rocca degli Uccelli
  6. Le Manie plateau with small walls.

    In Finale you can climb all year long following the walls orientation depending on the season, so during winter you will choose the walls situated on the sun, and in summer those situated in the shade. The best seasons are autumn, spring and winter; in winter windy days might be a little bothersome, but some spots like Monte Sordo, Caprazoppa, Falesia del silenzio, or rocca di corno are always protected; summer has a period (normally two weeks in july) of humid warmth while in august the afternoon is normally breezy and the climate ideal. 

    During rainy days, the best sector is the amphitheatre in Monte Cucco were a lot of trails are protected from the rain.