Canyoning in finale ligure


Canyoning consists in the foot descent of watercourses, which run inside narrow gorges which have been deeply eroded and characterized by a limited flow (about 200 litres per second) and a strong slope. Because of these features the places were you can do canyoning are inaccessible, once you started your descent you cannot turn back, but you have to continue till the end. The term normally used by people who do canyoning is « forra » which means creek or gorge. The obstacles inside a forra are mainly the waterfalls, which can be overtaken with the help of ropes, or, when possible, diving through them, sliding or climbing down slope. Very often at the base of the waterfalls there are deep lakes. In this case, after climbing down, you can swim to the shore. 

The routes normally last from 2 to 8 hours, but you can also find longer routes with night stays. Normally a close up uphill walk is needed just before the beginning of the descent. Canyoning is not an individual sport. The quantity of material needed to descend and the security measures which are needed, advise the instructor not to take groups of less than 4. We can offer canyoning in the Roya Valley or in France were you will find fabulous sites for this discipline.